Thursday, 18 July 2013

Burger Man

I've become meat lover. Even i have high cholesterol issue, but i follow my frens for burger.

First , The Bee Restaurant 
Many slices of cheese on top of meat till it melting and cover whole piece of meat is the biggest attraction. It was very mouthful and other ingredients were fresh ( just tomato and cabbage) . The fried also not bad. We had this meal after work during happy hour. I have ordered a rootbeer, it was matched with the burger. The price is RM30++
No cheap loh...

Second, Food Foundry
Food Foundry famous with crepe mille dessert which not my favorite. I like the sesame bun and old school fries (almost shape like wedges) was nice. This restaurant was hidden in PJ Section 17 under a condominium shop lot. Many royal supporters will come again n again cause of the affordable price.I have ordered an imported carrot juice which taste a bit weird. Total cost for a drink n burger set is approximately RM20.

Third, Andes
This restaurant was recommended by marathon mate.To be honest, i was shocked when waitress serve the meal. The burger meat was round a pork meat ball. It was serve with ham , a bit salad and fries.Normally, i prefer hold the burger for a quick bite. This burger was damn challenging, gotta use knife to cut into small pieces.It was located at Ara Damansara, a quite place except traffic congestion before and after work.The atmosphere is nice and the decor very Europe style. Well, the price is reasonable, a portion of burger cost RM15++

Forth, Fat Boys
Among all the burgers, I love the fat boys most. The black sesame bun win my heart. Its house special burger was fantastic esp serve with a cold beer. If possible, pls don't go during weekend. The kitchen side esp grilling department not very maintain its service level.  I was disappointing for second visit, the beef was over-grilled, too hard to chew and charred meat until I make a request for exchange. Luckily, the restaurant manager take action immediately and exchange a new portion for me. To show their sincere apology, the whole table bill (4 of us ~ RM200) was FOC....
Fat Boy Restaurant based at Publica Shopping Mall, Mont Kiara, a high class shopping area which i seldom go at all, hence, the price for Fat Boys is bit expensive , a burger meal can cost RM35++

Malaysia burger portion become big n bigger... Compare with local brand, Ramly burger which might cost RM3-5 still the wise choice for ordinary me.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Someone told me my blog becomes cemetery and grass growing surround,it's time for me to re-blogging. I very appreciate someone who accompanied along life path esp home cook meal very weekend. To spend time with someone u comfy with is most enjoyable moment.Somehow, I started eating fish!!!
Due to certain issue, my home chef flee away. I have to admit i'm the terrible lover who do not know how to take care others. You deserves better and i shall let you find ur happiness.
Hey you, if u happen to read this article,I still love you from the bottom of my heart and all the best even we have to be departed.

Where can I  find the new home chef ? haha...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

2012.08.04-05 Pangkor Island

Early morning, I got to wake up and get ready myself for this short trip. From KL to Lumut, nearest Pangkor Island port takes 3-4 driving hours, I guess. In the mid of journey, we dropped by at Bidor for this famous duck leg noodles which make us wait more than 45 minutes for meal-serving. Well, my advise is if u are in rushing, not worth to try even the price is reasonable : MYR 7.50 per portion.

To be honest, I do not have time to explore Pangkor Island, we checked in hotel around 2PM and spend the rest evening at the beach for sunbath. However, heavy haze at Malaysia now, it was suck... Not enjoy such atmosphere. Luckily, I have bought a book for killing time ;p

This resort is quite nice and cozy and it shld be very costly. ( My fren's brought me there n FOC for me hahaha). Perhaps occupancy in this resort is relatively low, hence the room is bit smelly and the bed is not really comfy. However, I love its private beach's sand.. so smooth ...

Thanks W, A & K in preparing this BBQ for us. It was superb and I enjoy it very much. In fact, I did expecting a bday celebration but u guys really gave me an unforgettable nite. The food is nice and well-planned too. I'm very touching as such a long time didn't n do not want to celebrate my Bday...

Happy birthday to me ;p

Thursday, 19 July 2012

2012.07.18_A meaningful dinner

During this working transition period, happy to meet my best frens, an old couple who is facing many challenges at these moment. Their positive attitude encourage me to be calm and dare to step out  @ think out of the box. Indeed, I really appreciate our meeting as we never know it might be our last farewell hahaha... During dinner time, I got to apologize to other customers as our laugh n talking noise were a bit laugh till some sharp eyesight staring at us. Since my frens transform become herbivore, we went to this Vietnamese Food at One Utama Shopping Mall, glad this was a wise choice. Although the price is slightly high but we enjoy the meals and service very much.
We have ordered:
  1. Flat rice roll ( Popiak)
  2. Fried Lotus Root and mixed veg)
  3. Pork Noodle ( non-halal restaurant)
  4. Beef Hue Set ( Vietnam Rice Noodle )
  5. Combo roll ( Mango roll, Fried sugarcane fishcake roll, Prawn roll)
  6. Vietnam Coffee
  7. Tidbit ( Peanut which cost MYR2.00)
This restaurant environment is cozy and spacious, not crowded and the meal dressing is nice anf attractive. For Beef Hue set, this restaurant serve a fried spring roll in a little rattan made basket, so cute and creative. However, it serves marinated white radish too, a very similar side dishes with Korean or Japanese food. Let me discover while i'm going Ho Chi Minh soon .. wakakakaka
The flat rice roll ( 肠粉)is typical HK dim sum style, not bad but a bit small portion. Luckily 3 of us able to grad one small roll .. ahahah
My fren who is funny enough and insist keep refilling the famous Vietnamese Coffee with hot water... She has requested and refilled 3 times!!! We only dare to order a cup as all of us has bad experiences ( insomnia after drank impact) with it. A small sip will do... Long time I didnt share drink or food with others... Hygiene? Health? Sanitary? In front of this couple, I rather follow my heart and do whatever suppose to do...

We are stupid enough to take photos with our newly bought smartphone, we are acting like old n IT idiots , shout to each others for slow taking pics process:  lighting @ contrast @ flash setting, how to turn on face detection setting and want to check the pic immediately, switching our phones from one to one. Other customers must feel very irritating.

Someone commented tht why I want to spend one hour driving to meet them. My answer is simple : 珍惜眼前人, feel gracious and appreciate whoever enlighten ur life.  May Lord look after this couple, grant them strength and wisdom to overcome this obstacles. Human efforts is limited but HE definitively can help us.
Looking forward to meet them soon....Yeah, another big feast... Any nice vegetarian restaurant recommend?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

2012.07.14_Men's Health PutraJaya Nite Run

Thanks W for fetching me to join running event. I been addicted into running even my knee will make noise after run. My family always complaint why I make myself suffer in such activities. My cousin said:  U think u stil young ah?
 The main reason why I want to join is freebies with affordable registeration fees:
  1.  A Men’s Health non-woven bag 
  2.  Runner’s tee from Skechers** worth RM89
  3. GNC Vitamin C Chewable 90s worth RM29.90
  4. A bottle of Spritzer + Fibrer
  5. Perskindol sachets
  6. Fitness First 7-Day Membership for two 
  7.  A bottle of Gatorade
  8. Kenko 30-min Fish Spa voucher worth RM38
  9. Systema Toothbrush
  10. SKINS wristband
  11. Juice Works Free Drink Voucher worth RM10
  12. Yoplait Lite
  13. Shokubutsu Active Guard Antibacterial Shower Foam 180ml 
  14.  A bottle of Rexona Deodorant 25ml
  15. A Yogood Granola bar
  16. A copy of Men’s Health magazine (July issue)

A so-so Miss Universe 2012  with fake smile in passing cup flakes + milk. Initially, I plan to queue but end up snapshot a pic will do... Nothing special bout her..

Indeed, I'm quite sad that I couldnt grab the First 500 finisher medal. Even though I ran without stop, the pace is still cant compete with other runners. This is first time I went with new frens and W so afraid I feel boring  during the event. The funny thing is we have discussing long enough where shall we go for supper after run... Kajang Satay, Cyberjaya Padi Restaurant, Sungai Besi McDonald. When new frens ask my opinion, I said : cincai lah...
Eventually, we ate at McD. What an ironic supper after a healthy run.

Well, have went to a new noodle shop near my current working place.. will u order abowl of noodle with cost u MYR128.00??? What a gimmick!!!
Will u order Fried Lard ... Dries pork fat with MYR 1.00??? Crazy..... Never go to this noodle shop again.

My result.. poor result...

Monday, 9 July 2012

2012.07.08 Chicken Run

Sunday always full of fun n laugh, I went for a chicken run with badminton mates. Even its only 4.8km but we need to hold the fresh egg on top of ice-cream cone. If ur egg broken, u shall disqualify and u may start to cry. The event organizer is generous , with amount MYR36  ( group register):  a free T-shirt ( as usual), a water theme park entry ticket, a quarter chicken set meal, 2 cans of soft drinks, a beautiful food container n other minor free gifts. After run, we were very surprise that unlimited bottled isotonic drinks , cold milo and Nutrilite snack bars, Cone flovour cream bread providing by event organizer.  Eventually, I drank 3 bottles isotonic drinks and bring 1 bottle to water theme park, received 6 pcs snack bars ( market price, 1 pcs = MYR 2.00 ahahah), 2 cups of cold milo and ate 2 jagung roti...wahaahaa..

As expected, the less maintain water theme park is super lousy and nothing much to share on it.We just get wet ourselves in small pool n enjoy human-made wave before we move to a shopping mall for FOC 1/4 chic meal.

Since all of us have not watch this Spiderman movie, we are lucky enough to get the tickets at the last minutes. Eh, it's not cup of my tea. I almost fall in sleep esp 1st half of the movie, the storyline is so LAME, u can predict it easily. The stunt action is nothing amazing in these technology advancement progress. 

Before dismiss hahah..., we went to KhunThai for thai food.( u may refer d link for this restaurant information). This time we order 2 pots of Tom Yam (seafood & chicken), 2 plates of pandan chicken, 1 portion Thai papaya salad, 1 portion Thai mango salad, 1 pot green curry, 1 siakap fish, 2 jugs of Umbra drinks.

Thanks God for a blessed Sunday ;p

Monday, 2 July 2012

2012.0630_Putrajaya Floria 2012

Why I always make myself super busy during weekend? Should I stay at home n lying on the bed? The beauty of being alone is you can plan wherever n whenever your tend to go, no need to wait n get permission from others. As usual, my weekend is so COLOURFUL haaha... After 2 hrs yoga class & lunch with a newly meet buddy, W meanwhile send my car for quarter service, I got to rush back home for night out ;p
I decided to join my buddies to Putrajaya Floria 2012, 2012 theme is "Bougainvillea-enduring beauty".  I never thought some one is more terrible than me, my mate, F left his expensive SLR camera after dinner at restaurant. After 15 minutes, we had heading back to the same restaurant. Thanks God, restaurant owner has keep the camera. If we couldn't get back the camera, believe I shall end up on the bed that night itself. haha.

After camera incident, we are reviving and super lucky, the journey is very smooth, we found the car parking easily opposite the main entrance. We arrived at the right timing and the opening ceremony just started. The fireworks is magnificent and I love the event spokesperson in introducing each countries or states unique culture, traditional food , songs and major attractions while the decorated vessels parade at Putrajaya lake. Unfortunately, only two countries which is China & Kenya participating in the vessels parade.

There is a good term in mandarin describing myself while self-snapshoot with beautiful orchid = 发花痴 ( flowers lover? hahaha)
Thanks God, what an enjoyable night out